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Portraits of members of the Royal Family

List of portraits painted by Sierk Schröder (Royal Family)

HM Queen Wilhelmina, 1939, for the Government Palace in Makassar, commissioned by 'the Governor of the Great Eastern', Mr. G.A.W.C. de Haze Winkelman (this portrait was cut into pieces in 1946).

HM Queen Wilhelmina, 1946 (dimensions of the portrait: 300x200cms), for the palace in Batavia, replacing Her Majesty's portrait cut from the frame by the Japanese (see above: 1939). The portrait commission was carried out in a room of the Royal Palace, Amsterdam.

HM Queen Juliana

(Picture: Transfer of Sovereignty to Indonesia)

- 'Transfer of Sovereignty to Indonesia', 1949, carried out at the request of HM Queen Juliana.

Queen Juliana, Prime Minister Willem Drees and the Indonesian vice-president Dr. Mohammed Hatta put their signature on the Document of Delegation. This happened during a solemn meeting in the Citizen's Hall of the 'Koninklijk Paleis (Royal Palace) op de Dam', Amsterdam, where the portrait hangs. The portrait is owned by the Dutch State and on loan to the Royal Family

(Picture: portrait of Queen Juliana, 193x129cm, Orange Hall of the Municipal Museum Kampen, photograph: Ben Vulkers, Zwolle)

- for The Orange Hall of the Municipal Museum of the City of Kampen, 1950
- for the City Hall of The Hague, 1950
- Sovereignty Delegation, again, 1951
- for the Raad van State (The Council of State), 1958

(Picture: portrait of Queen Juliana in gold dress)

- Royal Collections, The Hague, 1958, 'Queen Juliana in gold dress'

(Picture: portrait of Queen Juliana in silver dress, 158x148cm, The Loo Palace in Apeldoorn)

- for Thomassen and Drijver NV., 1958, 'Queen Juliana in silver dress'

This portrait of 158x148cms was presented to Thomassen and Drijver NV., Deventer, by the board of The Royal Dutch Hoogovens on the occasion of the 40th anniversary in 1959. The portrait is on long term loan to the National Museum 'Paleis Het Loo' (The Loo Palace), Apeldoorn

(Picture: portrait of Queen Juliana in the Reception Room of The Worshipful Company of Carpenters, London, 180x150cm,

- for 'The Worshipful Company of Carpenters', London, 1959

The portrait was presented on May 5, 1959, in the presence of the Lord Mayor of London. The Queen was an Honorary Liveryman (a member) of the Carpenters' Company. On a state visit to Engeland in 1972 Queen Juliana held a State Banquet at the Hall of the Carpenter's Company for Queen Elizabeth II.

- for Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles), 1959
- the designs for the Jubilee stamp Juliana and Bernhard, 25th wedding anniversary, 1962
- for 'De Tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal', The House of Commons, 1974
The portrait was presented by Princess Beatrix on April 29, 1974

(Picture: portrait of Queen Juliana, 1974, Rijksmuseum, The National Museum, Amsterdam)

- for het Rijksmuseum, The National Museum, Amsterdam, 1974, (100x75cms)

- 1975, 100x80cms, very similar to the portrait for het Rijksmuseum (The National Museum), Amsterdam (Picture: portrait of HM Queen Juliana in 1975, owned by the Sierk Schröder Foundation)
- for Elsevier's Magazine, 1979, watercolour, pictured on the cover of the Magazine, dated April 28, 1979, on the occasion of Queen Juliana's 70th birthday

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Princess Beatrix
- Princess Beatrix, 1966, commissioned by the Philips board. The portrait was painted in Kasteel (Castle) Drakensteyn, Lage Vuursche (where the princess has been living again since February 2014)
- Princess Beatrix, 1967

Portret van Koningin Beatrix door Sierk Schröder, 1981

HM Queen Beatrix, 1981, for 'De Tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal', The House of Commons (Picture: portrait of Queen Beatrix, 1981)

Princes (private portraits, painted by order of Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus)
- Prince Willem Alexander, 1978
- Prince Constantijn, 1978
- Prince Friso, 1978

The four children of Princess Irene, 1977, 1978 (private portraits)

Shah Reza Jnr., in October 1963, painted in the Palace in Tehran. Sierk Schröder was in the company of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard (and Princess Beatrix) during their visit to the Shah and Farah Diba. The portrait was a gift from Her Majesty and Prince Bernhard to the Shah and Farah Diba.

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