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Biography Sierk Schröder

Sierk Schröder (1903-2002)

Portrait commissions, awards and prizes

Portrait commissions

Many official commissions, executed by Sierk Schröder, are classified and can be found under the heading of 'Portraits' Click here

Illustrations for children's books and school-books

Click here for information and a list of the books illustrated by Sierk Schröder during the period 1925-1940

Stamp designs

1939 series Children stamps
1954 series Children stamps
1954 Huizinga stamp
1962 Jubilee stamp Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard (1937-1962)

Literature and publications (a.o.):

J.N. of Wessem, A selection of the work of Sierk Schröder, Spruyt, van Mantgem en de Does N.V., Leiden, 1966

Anna Wagner, Sierk Schröder painter and draughtsman, De Walburg Pers (Walburg Press), Zutphen, 1978

Jan Juffermans, Sierk Schröder recent work, published on the occasion of the exhibition of pastels, watercolours, drawings and paintings in 'Park Plaza', Amsterdam

Willemijn Kreeftenberg, Sierk Schröder, 1990 (79 reproductions, 75 in colour)

J.N. of Wessem, Sierk Schröder, published by the Zeister Kunststichting (Zeist Art Foundation), De Walburg Pers, Zutphen, 1992

Television, documentaries, radio

TROS-Radio 'The high C', broadcast on May 12, 1981: Portrait painter Sierk Schröder, arrangement of program by Dr. Antoine Bodar

NOS-TV program 'Markant', broadcast on February 4, 1986: Sierk Schröder, painter and draughtsman, extensive interview by Dr. Antoine Bodar

TROS-TV: Sierk Schröder Een portret ten voeten uit (a profound portrait of the painter), a documentary from Paul Beek (52 minutes), commissioned by the Sierk Schröder Foundation, broadcast on April 6, 2003 and repeated later that year.

NOVA TV-News program: Sierk Schröder, December 15, 1992

Awards / Prizes

1926 Royal Grant
1927 Royal Grant
1928 Royal Grant
1935 Thérèse van Duyl-Schwartze Prize
1950 Jacob Maris Material Prize
1952 Jacob Hartog Prize for the portrait of the art critic Cornelis Veth
1955 Audience Award 'Hague Salon' for the painting 'Interior'
1956 Audience Award 'Hague Salon' for the painting 'Girl asleep'
1958 Audience Award 'Hague Salon' for painting 'Paul Citroen at work'
1973 Medal of Exceptional Merit from the Municipality Wassenaar
1983 Medal of Exceptional Merit from the Municipality The Hague
1988 Jacob Hartog Oeuvre Prize
1988 Culture Prize of Wassenaar

1964 Officier in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau (Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau)
2000 Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw (Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion)


The Sierk Schröder Foundation owns much documentation relating to the long art career of Sierk Schröder, such as:

  • letters, correspondence, notes, diaries
  • reviews (in newspapers, magazines, art magazines, etc.)
  • articles and reviews in newspapers and magazines in connection with official presentations of portraits
  • articles on Sierk Schöder in newspapers and magazines
  • photos, documentary films
  • extensive interviews with Sierk Schröder looking back on his long-lasting artistic career, recorded on video tapes and audio cassettes, including the numerous interviews by Drs. Paul Beek, in 1995 and 1996, recorded on 18 Betamax tapes plus another three audio cassettes. And the regular interviews (in Sierk Schröder's studio) by Caspar Wintermans in 1998, double-sided recorded on nine audio cassettes, numbered 1 to18. Of each tape has been recorded in writing what comes up for discussion and in what order (spot list, produced by Coosje Berkelbach). The recorded interviews have all been digitalized.

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