The Sierk Schröder Foundation owns the copyright to all works of art of Sierk Schröder

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Sierk Schröder Foundation

Objectives and Activities of the Sierk Schröder Foundation

Sierk Schröder was strongly in favour of the establishment of the Sierk Schröder foundation to which he has made an important contribution.

The Foundation was established in 1995. On the 2nd June of that year the act was notarially executed in the office of the Brauw Blackstone Westbroek before notary public Professor Mr. P.J. Dortmond.

The objectives of the foundation are - in short - the keeping alive and increasing of the interest in the work of Sierk Schröder. This is done, among other things, by (co-) organizing exhibitions of his work. The foundation aims to serve the public interest (Article 2 of the Statutes) and is as such recognized by the Inland Revenue (ANBI).
Donations and grants enable the foundation to be active. Benefactors pay Euro 18,00 (or more) per year.

The main activities are:

Sending the Newsletter:
Through the newsletter, which is issued twice a year, benefactors are informed of activities, news and facts relating to the work of Sierk Schröder.

Keeping the website up to date:
The Sierk Schröder Webmuseum ( went online in February 1997, the website in English ( in May 2014. This site is updated by Charlotte Mesman and the team of en

Providing and collecting information:
Rather frequently there are enquiries about the work of Sierk Schröder. The foundation is eager to collect information on matters (that may be) important to her. So, more often, unknown works of art have been brought to attention (like some watercolours and pastels on canvas). The foundation is also alert on counterfeits, unfortunately turning up from time to time.

(Co-) organizing exhibitions:
The foundation was closely involved in organizing several retrospectives. When composing the collection to be exhibited, the foundation may look forward to the participation of a large number of lenders. Because the choice is large the foundation manages to achieve a balanced selection which does full justice to the work of Sierk Schröder.

Publishing and selling:
Books, documentaries on DVD, posters, greeting cards and postcards, published by the foundation, can be ordered from the foundation (see webshop).

Managing and archiving the artistic inheritance of Sierk Schröder:
The inheritance concerns documentation, letters, correspondence, notes, diaries, and many reviews. Furthermore photographs, films, documentaries and extensive interviews, recorded on video- and audio media and meanwhile digitalized.
The foundation also owns a collection of oil paintings and drawings donated by Sierk Schröder and his wife. Added to this were some impressive self-portraits in oil, purchased from private persons (in line with the foundation's objectives).

The exercise of copyright and moral rights:
The worldwide copyright to all works of art of Sierk Schröder has been transferred and delivered to the foundation. Regularly, the foundation is requested to agree to picturing Sierk Schröder's work in newspapers, magazines or books. There is also a demand for showing documentary films in public. The foundation, under certain conditions, usually gives permission.

Sierk Schröder Foundation:
The Board:

president: vacant
Dirk P. Mesman, secretary, treasurer
Mrs. M.F. (Marjan) Groen

Chamber of Commerce: 41174259
Tax number: NL8044.38.742.B01
IBAN: NL96 RABO 0309 8560 00 (BIC: RABONL2U)
or NL33 INGB 0000 9188 89 (BIC: INGBNL2A)

Support the activities of the foundation and become a benefactor: the amount of the donation is Euro 20,00 (or more) per year