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Portraits by Sierk Schröder

Sierk Schröder most important Dutch portrait painter of the twentieth century

Sierk Schröder is considered to be the most important and most requested portrait painter of the twentieth century. Many well-known figures from the different social sectors of society posed for him.

On the basis of notebooks and diaries a large number of portraits by Sierk Schröder could be tracked down and categorized. This was done by the Sierk Schröder Foundation in co-operation with the painter. In the here after mentioned sections, starting with the Royal Family and ending with Science, the relevant portraits are classified.

The portraits by Sierk Schröder exclusively relate to the official portrait commissions. The many commissions executed for the private possession of families, including many children's portraits, are not mentioned. An exception is made for the portraits of the Princes Willem Alexander, Constantijn and Friso and for the portraits of the children of Princess Irene. Thus can it be hold that for Sierk Schröder members from four generations of the Royal Family have posed.

Koningin Beatrix 1981
(picture: Queen Beatrix, 1981)

Previous to posing sessions always a few conversations took place. By watching and listening well, by observing movements and postures, the painter knew soon what the portrait would look like.
Sierk Schröder was a convinced alla prima painter. This means that the portrait, without any preliminary drawing, is quickly painted in striking touches and finished before the paint dries, called 'wet in wet', eye and hand are one.


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