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So often visitors are moved by seeing Sierk Schöder's work. 'His work communicates immediately and requires no explanation by expert exegetes', argues Antoine Bodar in his introduction of the book 'Sierk Schröder'.

Exhibitions of Sierk Schröder's work do attract throngs of visitors. Not only the general public, but also artists and students of Academies of Visual Arts. Nowthat figurative art and portraiture are receiving increasing attention, the interest in the work of Sierk Schröder will undoubtedly continue to grow.
The overwhelming response to the exhibition in the large halls of 'Het Slot Zeist' (Castle Zeist) in 1992/93 accelerated the establishment of the Sierk Schröder Foundation. The foundation became involved in organizing exhibitions, for the first time in the retrospective in the halls of 'Pulchri Studio', The Hague, opened on 6 May 2000 in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix.
A survey of the exhibitions held is part of Sierk Schröder 's Biography. For Exhibitions from 1932: click here.

For various exhibitions the Sierk Schröder Foundation has delivered the works of art, carefully selected according to subject and technique, in the spirit of the painter. Because Sierk Schröder - during his long-lasting artistic career - created a considerable oeuvre, the choice of a selection consisting of pure masterpieces is rather easy to make. Such a selection can be based on the collection owned by the foundation and on the co-operation of benefactors, museums and other institutions, all quite willing to give their work on loan for exhibition.

At the moment we are planning towards a major retrospective.There are also ideas about an exhibition of portraits of well-known figures from the various sectors of last century's society. Such an exhibition will not only highlight Sierk Schröder's portraiture, but also a particular aspect of Dutch history (1935-1985).