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Portraits religion /spiritual life

List of portraits by Sierk Schröder

ZE Kardinaal Alfrink

His Excellency Cardinal Alfrink, 1976, Archbishopric Utrecht (picture: portrait of HE Cardinal Alfrink)

ZE Kardinaal Willebrands

His Excellency Cardinal Willebrands, 1983, Archbishopric Utrecht (picture of His Excellency Cardinal Willebrands)
Professor Dr. Hendrik Kraemer, President of the Council of Churches
Monseignor J.W.L. Damen, 1966, The Dutch Episcopacy in Rome,
Pontificio Collegio Olandese (painted in Rome)
Monseignor M.A. Jansen, first Bishop Diocese Rotterdam
Monseignor J.C. van Overbeek, 1959
Charlotte Elisabeth van Beuningen-Fentener van Vlissingen, 1970, Dutch Foundation for Moral Rearmament
Dr. K.H.E. Gravemeyer, 1959, Protestant theologian
Monseignor J.A.E. van Dodewaard, (1976-posthumous), Bishop Diocese Haarlem
Priest H. Aldenhuysen, 1948, Parsonage-house of the Parish of the Holy Clemens, Nuenen
Priest Petrus Heskes, 1962, Parsonage-house of the Holy Sacrament, The Hague
Professor Dr. Hendrik Kraemer, 1947 approx., Theologian, President of the Oecumenical Institute of the World Council of Churches (painted in Bossey, Geneva)

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