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Counterfeits of Sierk Schröder's works of art

Tracing counterfeits

The interest in the work of Sierk Schröder shows a continuing growth. Its drawback, however, are the counterfeits of his work in circulation.
As a foundation we are very keen on preventing this development. Pictures of counterfeits are filed. Should owners, possessors or prospective buyers of his work have any doubts about the authenticity, please do not hesitate to contact us: telephone 0031 (0)172 215214 or

Two examples:
On (in 2009) under the heading of 'Art/Paintings/Classic', an oil painting of Sierk Schröder was offered for sale with the description: 'Beautiful work of Sierk Schröder'. It appeared to be a counterfeit of 'The Blue Kimono', oil, 24x30cms, signed '77. This work is pictured in the book 'Sierk Schröder', published in 1990, as number 14, and has been often exhibited during retrospectives of the artist.

The blue kimono - Sierk Schroeder
The blue kimono
Sierk Schröder, oil on board, 24x30cms, signed '77

In March 2007 an art gallery was rather doubtful about an oil painting signed Sierk Schröder, and consequently approached the Sierk Schröder Foundation. Indeed, the painting, proved to be a counterfeit of the work 'halfnaakt' (semi nude), oil on board, 22x30cms, signed '89, pictured in the book 'Sierk Schröder' (1990) as number 9.

Semi nude - Sierk Schroeder
Semi nude
Sierk Schröder, oil, 22x30cms, signed '89