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Retrospective Exhibition - Schröder’s oeuvre and his drawings
In the Bergkerk in Hanzestad Deventer (NL), May and June 2019

The Sierk Schröder Foundation presents ‘Wie doet mij wat!’ From 1 May to 30 June 2019 a retrospective exhibition will be devoted to Sierk Schröder’s extensive and versatile oeuvre in the Bergkerk in Deventer. A wide selection of his most beautiful works will be exhibited. At the same time also drawings, studies and sketches that formed the basis of his great artistry will be shown.
This double exhibition not only shows masterful artworks, but at the same time provides insight into the surprising techniques and the underlaying views of the Dutch painter who portrayed the most influential people of the twentieth century. Like no other, he also immortalized the beauty of man and nature in a timeless and entirely unique way. Beauty is forever. ‘Not forever gone’.

The title ‘Wie doet mij wat!’ is an encouraging quote from a letter from Schröder to the painter Paul van Dongen who feared that figurative art would disappear completely. Simultaneously with the exhibition, Van Spijk/Rekafa publishes the complete correspondence between Schröder and Van Dongen from the years 1993 to 2002, edited and commented by Rob Smolders.

About the foundation Sierk Schröder

To the establishment of the foundation, Sierk Schröder made a significant contribution. He motivated the objectives to be pursued and achieved in a way that does justice to the views featuring his long lasting artist's career.

Though the website opens with the Gallery, the Sierk Schröder digital museum, also quite a number of pictures of works of art are shown under the various headings to follow.

The different subjects will no doubt create an interesting picture of Sierk Schröder's life as a painter and a draughtsman. In addition to this an even more complete picture will be formed when we see Sierk Schröder at work in his studio. For a four-minute fragment from a documentary made by Drs. Paul Beek in 1996 please click below.


Book 'Sierk Schröder'
, introduction: Dr. Antoine Bodar

Boek Sierk Schröder

  • 108 reproductions in full colour
  • sizes of the book: 32x24cms
  • 120 pages
  • sewn in cloth binding with dust jacket
  • published by the Sierk Schröder Foundation
  • available in the museum-shops of the large(r) Dutch Museums at Euro 34,50
  • Euro 38,50 including cost of forwarding in the Netherlands
  • Euro 44,00 including cost of forwarding to countries in Europe
  • Euro 44,00 including cost of forwarding to countries outside Europe

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